Artificial Intelligence Behind Every Scene

Smarter Camera Integrations

Automate Construction Site Challenges

Verify and communicate with data-infused visuals

Effective Site Management with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With EarthCam’s AI/machine-learning driven software and hardware, you can add a wide range of efficiencies to your jobsite. Automate recognition of equipment and vehicles, align live or recorded images perfectly with models, document progress and eliminate lengthy editing for time lapse movies. Flag environmentally unfriendly waste in dumpsters – all these unprecedented functions are driven by EarthCam’s own AI to make your management of jobsites of all sizes smarter and more data-rich. Add more value for your client by automating visual verification, and make reporting easy.

With EarthCam AI, you can automate your visual inspections and logs for 19 different vehicle classifications. Each hour, 24/7, a log entry is automatically created with a list of all detected equipment accompanied by an annotated photograph so you can visually verify when equipment arrives onsite, is in use, and when it is removed.

Use EarthCam’s AI powered Jobsite Activity Tracking technology to monitor occupancy numbers and visualize density anonymously. Map concentrations and timings of movement around key locations, for example, around entrances and exits. Report and visualize these data points in a convenient graph.

Using its proprietary AI algorithms, EarthCam is able to process over half a million high-resolution images a day to detect if dirt, fog or rain droplets on the lens is obstructing your captured image. Smart software looks for 16 different components in an image, both desirable and unwanted features, and then creatively re-edits the video. Images affected by obscuring conditions are automatically excluded from the AI-edited time-lapse videos. Clients can download presentation-ready time-lapses, free of expensive editing processes and production wait times, complete with royalty-free music and on-screen graphics on-demand.

On your BIM platform, EarthCam’s AI automatically aligns 360° reality capture photos to build a cohesive archive for image comparison with your model. After alignment, manually tweak with ‘Direct Align’, markup the images, share detailed observations or create a time-lapse movie that highlights progress.

The EarthCam ‘My Jobsite’ skill for Alexa devices delivers high-quality live streaming video directly to you wherever you are. Simply enable the skill and say "Alexa Open My Jobsite" to see your live stream.