Fast, Efficient Visual Data Integration

Incorporate high-quality imagery directly into daily workflow

Document Construction with Essential Visual Information

EarthCam's unique integration with Infotech® a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions, creates an essential visual timeline from the project site, inserting image data directly into daily workflow and enhancing the audit trail. View digital jobsite activity remotely in real-time to make informed decisions and visualize a historic record of progress.


Document Construction with Essential Visual Information

Add Imagery Directly to Infotech

Push EarthCam visual data directly to Infotech's cloud-based system of record. The frequency of image uploads can be set according to jobsite activity levels. Fast-track understanding about progress, avoid mistakes and prevent delays.

Add Actionable Metadata to Daily Reporting

Include informative metadata such as weather, project title, and date/time stamp. Create a more informed jobsite with real-time updates that add key value.

An onsite, wireless, solar-powered sensor array detects and calculates 16 points of weather and environmental data. This data is combined with NOAA observed conditions to predict and document weather events more accurately, and alert project management in seconds instead of hours.