Professional Managed Services

From concept to execution, EarthCam provides the people and the programs to deliver successful network camera solutions.

Save Time and Money with EarthCam's Expert Services

Rely on our experienced team to assemble, program, install and maintain your camera system

Make fast, accurate decisions, empowered by image data. Live object recognition from billions of data points provides data-rich visualizations - new ways to view your jobsite. Leverage EarthCam's AI-detected events and observations with automated alerts, tags and advisories.

  • Generate automated in-app alerts for AI-detections such as PPE advisories
  • Report on real-time status of construction personnel and equipment.
  • Easily find and review video of specific events with Boolean search

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EarthCam provides professional consulting services for every necessary step before, during and after your camera is installed. Call 1-800-EARTHCAM (327-8422) for a free consultation with our experts to determine the best solution for you today.

  • One phone call: single source management for the entire process
  • Expert advice by trained engineers
  • Custom camera design-build solutions

Need help determining the correct line-of-sight for your camera? EarthCam's engineers will help you by creating the optimal Area of View (AOV) and Field Of View (FOV) for your camera. See what the shot will look like before installation and guarantee the best possible placement to deliver the highest quality images on your camera.

  • Expert advice by trained engineers
  • Solution based consulting
  • Detailed site plan pinpoints camera placement

Optimize your webcam technology with professional assembly, programming and custom scripting to guarantee your system specifications. Minimize the time spent getting your camera online - saving you valuable time and money. In addition, you will receive tailored engineering support during the critical installation process.

  • Delivered to you as a complete, plug-and-play system
  • Avoid hours of trying to figure out complicated programming
  • Enjoy superior system reliability

Answering today’s demand for delivery convenience, EarthCam offers same-day delivery service in select cities across the country. Some of EarthCam’s most popular webcam technology solutions and mounting accessories are eligible for the service. Enjoy a flexible hassle-free experience for 100% satisfaction. Orders must be placed by 12:00pm local time for same-day delivery.

  • Live video, time-lapse and 360° VR photography documentation kit
  • Enjoy a flexible, hassle-free experience for 100% satisfaction
  • Orders must be placed by 12:00pm local time to be eligible

EarthCam supports a worldwide network of qualified installers and on site tech support. Our proven standards assure you of consistent, superior installations that provide the foundation for the camera system's reliability, availability and serviceability. We manage the entire process of arranging and expediting the installation.

  • Detailed on location site surveys
  • Pre-installation consultation with EarthCam engineers
  • Authorized, guaranteed expert installation of your camera system

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Help your VDC team get the edge with unique camera integrations. Transform Building Information Modelling (BIM) and stay connected with your jobsite by getting up-to-the-minute visual information so you can highlight clashes and streamline project management. Integrate real time video, 360° and gigapixel imagery from your construction cameras with your BIM models to generate one smart platform.

  • Integrate 360° reality capture with your project management solution
  • Compare as-built to as-designed conditions
  • Integrate UAV data with your 3D model

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Maximize the benefits of your project documentation process by combining all-weather cameras and 3D imaging with EarthCam's UAV and aerial imagery services. EarthCam Air also provides cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools for sharing the unique content derived during UAV flights over your jobsite.

  • Comprehensive analytical report with countless benefits and insights
  • Geospatial webcam mapping platform that can be built upon throughout the construction process
  • Licensed pilots and professional videographers captured data-driven imagery and entertaining content

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For a hassle-free experience, rely on EarthCam's worldwide professional network of onsite photographers. These image specialists are well-versed in both the latest camera technology and the construction industry. Partner with the expert to customize your documentation needs, capturing landscapes to minute details in striking clarity. With a global team of photographers using multiple camera and lens options, you can choose the company with support in your backyard.

  • Rely on a trained professional to consistently capture, upload and index your images
  • Flexible scheduling ensures you don't miss any progress milestones
  • Maximize existing resources by relying on a professional photographer to document your project

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EarthCam provides a true Machine to Machine end to end solution with everything you need to effectively monitor and manage a successful webcam network. Our Triple Play includes the Control Center 8 software “talking” to the camera software, which communicates with the server software where we host and manage your data. We deliver free automatic software upgrades and self-healing server technology which checks each camera up to 288 times daily to maintain camera uptime.

  • No additional IT services are necessary
  • Identify problems before they occur
  • Manage your resources efficiently

EarthCam has the industry's largest IT staff with experienced technicians, certified installers and qualified trainers. We offer the highest commitment to quality support from start to finish. As an EarthCam client, you can feel secure that you have a team of professionals standing by to help you with questions. Relieve IT and management teams from the time-consuming daily routine of webcam maintenance with our Managed Services packages.

  • One phone call: single source management for the entire process
  • Unlimited Customer Support with no related hardware or labor costs
  • Customize trainings and classes to your needs

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Promote your project, company or government agency effectively on your website and through social media outlets. Our dedicated Website Development Team works with you to create a custom-designed web page that elevates your exposure to new heights. Promote the quality of your work by broadcasting images using social media integration. Eliminate complex programming by letting us create a media player that you can embed in a Facebook Fan Page.

  • Improve ranking in search engines and increase your traffic
  • Promote your company and projects with unique content
  • Digital billboards turn your flat screens into a live project display

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Professionally edited time-lapse movies ready for your conference room. Time-lapse movies bring all phases of construction to life, turning months into captivating seconds.

  • Eliminate the extra work of manually editing the images.
  • Encourage employees and impress visitors with eye-catching lobby displays.
  • Increase public website attention.

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We look forward to providing education on our industry leading products and Control Center 8 software. Learn useful techniques to monitor and manage your project nationwide. Discuss your requirements and questions with our highly skilled staff. Complimentary sessions at EarthCam University provide continuing education and updates on our innovative technology.

  • Receive committed, quality support from start to finish on your project
  • Customize trainings and classes to your needs
  • Unlimited software training

EarthCam University Training

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Rely on EarthCam's extensive knowledge of government contracts to win federal agency bids. Our government approved solutions meet the needs of this heavily regulated industry.

  • Partner with a firm that is approved by the internationally renowned Design and Construction Excellence Programs
  • Feel secure knowing that EarthCam will monitor your project to comply with government standards
  • Stay accountable with automated progress reports, subcontractor management and critical event documentation

GSA Advantage

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