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EarthCam’s 20-30 minute online classes are a great way to learn advanced features of your EarthCam camera system and software. After making a reservation, please check your email for confirmation and meeting details. We look forward to meeting with you!

Learn features and how to navigate Control Center 8, Earthcam’s software as a service platform that enables smart project documentation and controls multiple camera networks.

Every Wednesday at 3 pm ET.
User Management: Detailed explanation of user profiles and security permissions.
Live Streaming Video Cameras: Learn the major camera and view control functions to optimize video quality.
EVR (Edge Video Recording): Record your entire project, 24/7 for 365 days in HD video with Edge Video Recording. Access historical video, share images and save 5 minute clips.
Archives: Learn how to view, share archived images and instantly promote AI time-lapse movies. See EarthCam’s Image Comparison Tool that enables real-time overlay of historical images.
Solar & Wireless Data Center: Learn how to instantly access vital data about your camera system performance, power source, network speed and location - like an EKG for your camera network. Monitor your solar power performance with new in-app solar analytics and battery monitoring. See live feedback to optimize solar panel positioning.
Project Updates & Marketing Presentations: Easily create reports, unique and dynamic marketing pieces for your office, website, social media and clients.
Access, Share & Promote Your Project: Snap and post important views to share with team members. Communicate change orders or flag jobsite materials that need to be ordered, and promote construction milestones.

Harness the power of AI detections on your jobsite by mastering EarthCam's AI Media Dashboard.

Every Thursday at 5PM ET.

Filters: Learn how to cut through the noise and find the data you need quickly and easily.

File Manipulation: Become familiar with how to upload your own images to the dashboard and manipulate them in various ways.

Activity Graph: Understand the insights available at a glance from the activity graph, and learn how to drill down to individual detection events.

Image Thumbnail Library: Master the manipulation of files in the thumbnail library and understand its organizational scheme.

Requirements: Users should be familiar with construction project management software.

Master 360° photography of jobsite progress using VR Site Tour, EarthCam’s reality capture solution.

Every Wednesday at 4 pm ET.
User Management: Detailed explanation of user profiles and security permissions.
VR 360° Camera: We’ll explain how to get the best quality images and video from the 360° camera to efficiently document project status with informative visuals.
Site and Floor Plans: Learn how to upload site and floor plans to begin taking 360° photography to geotag to location markers.
Archives: View, markup and share your archived images. Attach notes to markers and annotate images. See EarthCam’s powerful Image Comparison Tools in action.
Project Updates & Marketing Presentations: Learn how to easily create and share custom reports. Custom reports include floor plans, 360° images, environmental data and notes. Customize the guided tour of your project for client and stake holder meetings.
Access, Share & Stay Updated on Your Project: Markup 360° images and easily share with your team members. Communicate change orders or flag jobsite materials that need to be ordered. Promote construction milestones by easily sharing images via email or social media.

Incorporate Visual Content for Successful Project Management with the number one site camera solution. EarthCam's unmatched integration with Procore brings users valuable features to enhance project management and jobsite productivity.

Every Thursday at 4 pm EST.
Upload critical visual information to a project in Procore:
  • Log in, select project, tool, markups, enhancers/filters, overlays
  • 360° image viewer
Utilize tools most relevant to a project ensuring images are where they are needed most:
  • Upload Image, RFI, Change Event, and Observations
Daily Log & Automation:
  • Single Upload: Weather, Equipment, Inspections, Safety Violations, Accidents
  • Automated option: Weather & Waste
  • Site Camera, Drone & 360 Imagery can be used.
Embed EarthCam’s Broadway Media Player into Procore’s interface for easy access to project camera:
  • Alleviates app switching
  • Provides similar functions as seen in Control Center 8 (CC8) Share Modal
  • Navigate to CC8 for additional functionality and project access.
  • Install from within Procore or MarketPlace.
    • Installs only once; add configurations for additional projects.
  • View live videos
  • Optional items - Embed CC8 (full) into Procore.
Activate Daily Log automation for weather and waste.
Access documentation, client services and technical support teams to assist with set up or issues.

Autodesk 1

Get started using EarthCam's Autodesk Build integration.

Every Tuesday at 3PM EST.

Control Center 8 Layout and Navigation: Become familiar with EarthCam's Control Center 8. Get oriented with skills, tips and tricks for EarthCam's powerful software for smart project documentation and camera network control.

Digital Photography: Understand the best techniques for capturing great images and actionable data that conveys important information to your team.

Autodesk Build: Learn how to upload images and create RFIs using our custom tools.

Panorama & Time-Lapse: Get the biggest impact from your photos. Capture and share the industry’s highest resolution panoramas and time-lapse videos to Autodesk Build.

Partner Card: Harness the power of visual information by customizing your ACC dashboard with data-rich EarthCam imagery.

Requirements: Users should be familiar with construction project management software in general. Users do not need to be experienced using Autodesk Construction Cloud, but they should have an account to get the most out of the course.

Autodesk 2

For users who want to level-up from the Autodesk 1 session, Autodesk 2 introduces advanced techniques to annotate your images. You’ll also learn how to use our PlanGrid Build integration and 3D modeling tools.

Every Tuesday at 4PM ET.

PlanGrid Build: Learn how to create Tasks, RFIs, Weather Logs, and to upload images into PlanGrid Build.

3D Modeling: Master the Autodesk Forge interface to view & manipulate 3D models, as well as share custom views with your colleagues.

Advanced Markup: A pixel is worth 1,000 words! Learn how the use of image markup and annotation tools can make creating detailed RFIs faster and make collaboration more effective.

Real World Applications: Learn how other innovative users have improved their workflows, saving time & money using EarthCam's Autodesk Construction Cloud integration.

Users should take the Autodesk 1 course first. Users do not need to be PlanGrid Build experts, but they should have an account to get the most benefit.

Leverage the power of EarthCam’s real-time visual data without having to leave the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

Every Tuesday at 2pm ET.

Share your Live-Streaming Camera in Salesforce: EarthCam’s embeddable app provides access to live streaming video and high-quality webcam imagery inside Salesforce.

Add Actionable Metadata to Reporting: Visual data includes weather, project title, and date/time stamp.

Annotate Images: Marked-up high resolution images are easily uploaded from EarthCam’s Control Center 8 platform directly to Salesforce.

Easily Access All Your Visual Information: Enhance collaboration inside Salesforce with high-quality webcam imagery – access live visual date via CRM records.

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EarthCam University

The sections covered in each class will continually rotate throughout the year. If there is a subject on the schedule that you feel would benefit your users, please feel free to let us know so we can tailor a class to your needs.

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