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Enhancing Construction Documentation With Visual Information

EarthCam, the leader in construction imagery, has teamed with PlanGrid, the leader in construction software for the field, to integrate high-quality webcam content, including 360° photos, RFIs, and environmental conditions into their user platform.
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Enhancing Construction Documentation With Visual Information

Create Visually-Enhanced RFIs

Create requests for information (RFIs) to identify potential issues, designate them as actionable items, and assign them to specific teams. EarthCam reinforces these RFI submissions with its cameras, UAV and 360° reality capture content. The data-rich imagery provides clear visual evidence of jobsite conditions thanks to easy-to-understand annotated pictures.

An onsite, wireless, solar-powered sensor array detects and calculates 16 points of weather and environmental data. This data is combined with NOAA observed conditions to predict and document weather events more accurately, and alert project management in seconds instead of hours.

Send Images from PlanGrid to EarthCam

PlanGrid users have the ability to import images from any of their PlanGrid projects into EarthCam's photography documentation interface. Easily assign images directly to the corresponding site plan, floor or marker for instant progress updates. Added support via the EarthCam mobile app enables users to view jobsite images and collaborate with team members remotely.

Integrate Images into PlanGrid Documents

By integrating jobsite photos, PlanGrid users will have the confidence that all team members are viewing the most up-to-date set of plans. The visual information is easy to analyze and share for a collaborative jobsite environment.

Communicate Project Updates

PlanGrid users will have access to EarthCam's mark-up tools, making it easy to call-out specific areas of interest throughout the jobsite. The visual content helps enhance communication and provide owners, architects and contractors with the necessary information to make important jobsite decisions

360° photos, videos and time-lapses of the jobsite add a unique interactive element, where the user can pan around the jobsite for a comprehensive view of progress. One 360° photo viewing all four walls, floor and ceiling provides as much information as 8 separate photos, making this efficient imaging technology a smarter way to communicate interior progress while guarding against future claims and disputes.

For more information on 360° VR Kit, click here​.​

EarthCam has implemented single sign-on (SSO) for PlanGrid. Users now have the ability to access and view their EarthCam construction camera content in PlanGrid. Please note, you must be an EarthCam managed services client in order to login using your PlanGrid user name and password. For assistance with creating a new EarthCam Control Center 8 account, click here​.​