Next-Level Construction Project Visibility for Owners

Manage construction projects with data-rich imagery - transform collaboration

EarthCam Imagery & Projectmates Owner-Focused Platform

With this integration, EarthCam is the first partner to infuse actionable visual information into Projectmates in a user-driven data interchange to eliminate speculation and improve communication with real-time, high-quality imagery.


EarthCam Imagery & Projectmates Owner-Focused Platform

Embed Live Video in Projectmates Dashboard

Provide teams with immediate access to real-time, live-streaming imagery. Collaborate effectively with up-to-the-minute data and visual verification throughout every stage of the project.

Seamlessly Push Images into Project Photo Album

Streamline the record-keeping process with automated, hourly visual evidence of project activities. Enable seamless communication among teams. EarthCam's Control Center 8 software easily connects with Projectmates, delivering accurate visual information and metadata such as weather, project title, and date/time stamp.

An onsite, wireless, solar-powered sensor array detects and calculates 16 points of weather and environmental data. This data is combined with NOAA observed conditions to predict and document weather events more accurately, and alert project management in seconds instead of hours.