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Use live streaming technology to remotely check in on your jobsite

View your jobsite remotely in real-time to make informed decisions quickly. Document progress with high-quality imagery and live streaming video. Visual content is easy to analyze and can be shared across your organization for enhanced communication and dispute resolution.

Remotely monitor your jobsite in real-time with EarthCam's live streaming webcam technology. Feel confident that your jobsite is secure with continuous live views of activity.

Promote your projects with automatically generated time-lapse videos using Control Center 8 or consult with our award-winning producers who will customize a cinematic finished product. Promote your projects to stakeholders and share dynamic videos online.

While other photography documentation solutions require professional photographers and several phases of complicated, time-intensive post-production editing, EarthCam has taken 6 processes and reduced it to one simple step with its improved photography interface and mobile app. This do-it-yourself, efficient imaging technology eliminates the need for costly photography services and is a smarter way to communicate interior progress.

VR Dollhouse views are created by merging 360° photo content with Navisworks or Revit models for a new way to walk the jobsite. Previously, generating these views required time consuming and expensive scans. Quickly assess jobsite progress, resolve disputes and communicate with stakeholders using remote fly-through navigation and gamified controls. Increase the value of your 360° photography, by accurately incorporating it with 3D models.

Walk-through with VR Dollhouse

Maximize the benefits of your project documentation process by combining all-weather cameras and 3D imaging with EarthCam's UAV and aerial imagery services. EarthCam Air also provides cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools for sharing the unique content derived during UAV flights over your jobsite.

Software - Control Center 8

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) empowers users with high quality imagery, on-site data and collaboration tools all in one easy-to-use solution. EarthCam delivers proven capabilities for reducing the cost and complexity of managing your own solution.

  • Safe remote access - desktop & mobile
  • Live stream secured & encrypted via https transport
  • Flexible archiving options
  • Time-lapse record & playback
  • Weather data - current & historical
  • Email, save & share content
  • Easily embed in any website
  • Satellite map & site plan integration
  • Image mark-up & comparison tools
  • Continuous support & training

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