Visual Data Solutions for Facilities Management & Jobsite Monitoring

Document progress, provide 360° walkthroughs, guard open areas and facilities

Partner of Choice for Retail Executives
Partner of Choice for Retail Executives

Hear director of regional construction, Jon Hegarty explain how he uses EarthCam systems - along with Procore - to help manage multiple Five Guys ground-up builds and renovations. EarthCam's visual data is used top-to-bottom at the company, enhancing communication internally, with vendors and general contractors. He says “The simplicity and standardization of the EarthCam system is beautiful.”

AI Camera Services for the Retail Sector

Fast-to-deploy, easy-to-install wireless camera systems for new store builds and renovations. AI-powered visual data for progress monitoring, safety analytics and security reduces the frequency of onsite inspections, enhance communication and increases accountability.

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Access Control and Photo Timeclock

Connect a DoorCam to manage access, log visitors and track deliveries. Scan QR codes to log time-in and time-out with Photo Timeclock. Use bi-directional voice communication for added security, and populate Procore Visitors, Deliveries, Manpower & Timecard.

Edited Time-Lapse Movies

Promote your projects with automatically-generated time-lapse videos using Control Center 8 or consult with our award-winning producers who will customize a cinematic finished product. Promote your projects to the public to generate excitement and share your dynamic video online.

360° Reality Capture - VR Site Tour

Capture cost-effective, detailed images of interior build-outs with ease. Instantly share "street view" images that are geo-tagged to site plans for comprehensive progress updates. One 360° photo captures all four walls, floor and ceiling, providing as much information as 8 separate traditional photos.

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Facility Management & Security Monitoring

Remotely monitor and manage your properties with live streaming webcam technology. Rely on HD security recordings for live updates covering your entire jobsite, including the perimeter and surrounding areas. Protect parking lots, facilities and public areas with AI Object Detection, and AI Audio analysis to recognize gunfire, glass-breakage or verbal aggression.

EarthCam Air – UAV & 3D Geospatial Imaging Service

Maximize the benefits of your project documentation process by combining all-weather cameras and 3D imaging with EarthCam's UAV and aerial imagery services. EarthCam Air also provides cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools for sharing the unique content derived during UAV flights over your jobsite.

Marketing and Promotion

EarthCam's webcam technology will carefully document your location and help you send a powerful message to the public about your store. Drive traffic to your website by sharing impressive images and videos on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Inform the community that you have arrived.

  • People counting, in/out ratio
  • Dwell time, occupancy of key areas
  • Live stream secured & encrypted
  • Flexible archiving options
  • Time-lapse record & playback
  • Weather data - current & historical
  • Take instant snapshots anytime
  • Email, save & share content
  • Easily embed in any website
  • Satellite map & site plan integration
  • Image mark-up & comparison tools
  • Automated progress reports
  • Continuous support & training

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Keep an eye on your investment. Top REITs rely on EarthCam to provide camera technology for property management and documentation for new construction and renovations. Shareholders can be comfortable knowing that their properties are being monitored and documented. Long term property management is enhanced with both interior and exterior photographs.