Professional Mounts

EarthCam provides mounting hardware for your webcam solutions.

Custom Mounts Designed for Your Camera

Secure your camera system with the proper mounting equipment.

Heavy Duty Dual Locking Wall Mount

This mount offers the extra security of jitter-free adjustable mechanism to insure image stabilization for time-lapse movies. The aluminum construction of the mount can hold a maximum load up to 125 lbs.

Available Colors:

Wall Mount with Pole Adapter and Strut

For mounting medium and heavy-duty cameras with pan/tilts or enclosures this is the ideal solution. Designed to feed cable through holes (top and end arm), holding a maximum load up to 150 lbs, this aluminum construction mounting package is smartly designed and easy to install.

Available Colors:

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Secure your camera to a roof location without penetrating the surface. The mount is galvanized for corrosion protection. Dimensions: vertical pole height = 60" or 120", diameter = 2 3/8", tray = 34 3/4" square.

Free Standing Masts

20’ and 30’ masts give you an efficient alternative to costly pole installation. Heavy-duty, galvanized steel for high durability. Install as fast as it ships: no permits, no drilling, no state approvals or permits required. Assemble using concrete block ballast for turn-key convenience with no roof surface penetration.
Remove and store for future use with no delays. Concrete blocks included with the purchase of EarthCam’s installation services.

Heavy Duty Pole Mount Adapter

This is the solution for mounting your camera to a pole in any location. The aluminum pole mount adapter attaches to poles with a minimum 3" diameter. The strap length is 28.5" for a 12” diameter pole (max) and can support a maximum load up to 100 lbs.

Available Colors:

Pedestal Mount

Constructed with aluminum for durability, this universal parapet mount with adapter is 24" high and can hold a maximum load of up to 125 lbs.

Universal Pole Mount

The go-to solution for quick and easy dome camera mounting. The package Includes steel mounting straps and pendant kit with the ability to secure a maximum load up to 33 lb. The durable powder coat makes this a reliable and sturdy dome mount.

Portable Stand

Secure your camera to this light-weight portable stand without having to penetrate any surfaces. The high-grade aluminum construction supports a load capacity up to 150 lbs and is an ideal mounting solution for medium and heavy-duty cameras.