Mobile StreamCam 4K Accessories

Complement your construction camera solution with our innovative accessories.

Get the gear for our Mobile 4K System

Go completely wireless with additional specially designed accessories.

Shoulder Strap with Standard Battery

Utilize this unique accessory to create a completely portable and wireless system. This rugged woven nylon strap, with a captured shoulder pad and durable battery pocket, provides continuous power up to 9 hours on a single charge.

Large Battery

Extend the life of your power charge with a 22 amp hour battery. Stored in a durable pouch, continuously document jobsite conditions and progress with this reliable power option. The battery provides portable power up to 30 hours on a single charge.

12V DC Auto Adapter

Flexible power options ensure a reliable charge for your camera from any location. A 12V DC auto adapter comes with 25 feet of cable to power your system from the socket of any vehicle. The rugged weather-resistant cable easily connects to the Mobile StreamCam 4K case for steady power supply.

Universal Wall/Pole Mount

EarthCam provides tested and tried mounting hardware for your webcam solutions. With a portable mount engineered specifically for the Mobile StreamCam 4K, easily and quickly attach the system to a pole, pipe or wall.